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Bottle Openers Are Yesterday’s Technology

Carlsberg Smooth Draught now comes with a POP Cap! Now you can pop a draught with your buddies anytime, anywhere.

Just A POP Away From A Smooth Experience

Introducing Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s biggest innovation, the POP cap.

Malaysians Try the Beer Bottle Cap Challenge

Think you can open a beer bottle without an opener? These Malaysians could! Check out how these guys succeeded with unusual “bottle openers”, including chopsticks, toothbrushes, newspapers, and more.

The taste of freshly tapped beer. Anytime, anywhere.

Yup. Carlsberg’s pioneering discovery of bringing you smoothness in a bottle has made yet another development. Introducing the new pint bottle-the final addition to our Smooth Draught family.

How it's made

We took our time to create perfection. The new Carlsberg Smooth Draught is brewed longer for a smoother beer with an easy finish.